Is ROS communication similar to Bosch control area network?

asked 2015-08-08 14:34:37 -0600

Kishore Kumar gravatar image

updated 2015-08-08 14:35:58 -0600

I came to know that control are network (CAN) developed by Bosch works in msg based communication and so do ROS too, so someone clarify me is both are same, what are all the similarities and difference between them.

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Could you maybe first invest 30min in doing the first ROS-Tutorials? It would solve most of your questions immediately.

NEngelhard gravatar image NEngelhard  ( 2015-08-08 14:50:58 -0600 )edit

I undergone the tutorials as per your advise, but i cant get the exact answer. That tutorials just deals with ROS how to compare it with CAN?

Kishore Kumar gravatar image Kishore Kumar  ( 2015-08-11 05:43:51 -0600 )edit