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Its my pleasure if somebody assist me. I have development board of 8051. I want to to established serial communication between my laptop and 8051.All i have is usb to serial converter(prolific make with db9 male) and my development board already have serial port(DB9 female).I use ISP mode for programming a controller.I am also using Dock-light propitiatory software for communication.

Once i program my controller i remove the programmer because it will create parallel loop if i connect programmer and serial port too. Now i want to communicate with USB to serial converter.My board is always having Max232 level converter. my code is

#include<reg51.h> void serTx(unsigned char); void main(void) { TMOD=0x20; TH1=0xFD; TR1=1; while(1) { serTx('Y'); serTx('E'); serTx('S'); } } void serTx(unsigned char x) { SBUF=x; while(TI==0); TI=0; }

Now i set up docklight

communication mode : send/receive port : according to port detected in device manager port setting: baud rate : 9600 parity: none data bit: 8 stopbit: 1 flow control: hardware handshaking CTS/RTS

now according to my understating the 'Y''E''S' has to display in docklight in form of Hex or binary or something. How to communicate.could you give me some guideline

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It doesn't sound like your question is related to Robot Operating System; you will get better answers if you find a more suitable forum for your question.

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