Start roscore on a remote machine via launchfile

asked 2015-07-21 06:56:17 -0600

fabian77 gravatar image


have it managed to start a node remote via roslaunch, question is now: If i do that roscore is started automatically, but local on the machine i start the launchfile on. Is it possible to tell ROS to start the roscore not on that local machine, but on the remote computer instead?


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Hi, have you managed to find a solution to your question? I'm facing the same problem. Thanks

bezcoder gravatar image bezcoder  ( 2015-08-24 16:32:10 -0600 )edit

No sorry...atm i just switched over to launch roscore on the machine i am starting the launchfiles on. Was the easiest way for me for the moment. Just had to change all declarations (ROS_IPs) in the environment-files of all machines that way.

fabian77 gravatar image fabian77  ( 2015-08-25 09:00:04 -0600 )edit