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PID Position control with ardrone

asked 2015-06-15 12:17:37 -0600

tn0432 gravatar image


I am trying to use PID for position control of ardrone. I use ardrone_autonomy as a package to connect with Ardrone and send /cmd_vel. The values of /cmd_vel are calculated by PID controlling. The feedback Ardrone current positions are gotten from Motion Capture System. I am struggling at tuning PID parameters. Does anyone try it before?

My PID tunning, Ardrone can fly to /goal frame but still too osscilation and overshoot. My PID x,y is Kp_0.15, Ki_0.0, Kd_0.05. My target is that the position errors is about <20 cm. Is my target realistic with Ardrone? Any suggestion?

Thank you very much! I very appreciate.

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2 Answers

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answered 2015-06-16 11:57:48 -0600

AndyZe gravatar image

I usually start with just Kp and get the best performance I can with that. Then add Kd to minimize oscillations. Finally, add just a bit of Ki to ensure zero steady-state error.

Or read the wiki page and follow their recommendations:

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answered 2015-06-16 10:05:51 -0600

jbrown gravatar image

updated 2015-06-17 14:03:26 -0600

Are your cmd_vel messages controlling the speed of the motors? If so, use Kp and maybe very little Ki, here are some links:

This thread might help explain it, look at the part by Mr. Lim:

As far as tuning the PID's, I would go with any open loop method.

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