why unable to locate package ros-indigo-pcl-conversions

asked 2015-06-15 10:55:56 -0500

Karz gravatar image

Hello all,

i'm confused by installing pcl_conversions, dependency for tutorial my_pcl_tutorial. I tried to clone it to indigo_workspace and no problem. The question is, are those method the same or not? Then how to solve by typing sudo apt-get install ros-indigo-pcl-conversions, but i typed sudo apt-get update before (like other answers from the same case)? then still unable to locate the package

Thank you for your answer before :)

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Which version of Ubuntu and which version of ROS are you using?

ahendrix gravatar image ahendrix  ( 2015-06-15 11:28:15 -0500 )edit

14.04 of course, i'm using indigo

Karz gravatar image Karz  ( 2015-06-15 12:14:37 -0500 )edit

I have a 14.04 machine with indigo installed, and installing pcl_conversions through apt works for me (which just confirms that the package is in the repository)

ahendrix gravatar image ahendrix  ( 2015-06-15 15:48:57 -0500 )edit

Do u have any idea to solve the problem like this? I just tried to install through apt because few answers from another forum said "have u try sudo apt-get install ros-indigo-pcl-conversions?" but i cloned from github before.

Karz gravatar image Karz  ( 2015-06-15 22:26:24 -0500 )edit