Changing state to goal_state and there checking for collisions

asked 2015-05-26 06:13:14 -0500

bluefish gravatar image


I would like to check for collisions in the goal state before actually moving the real robot. In particular I want to check whether a specified point is in collision with the robot.

Therefore I have two questions:

  1. To achieve that I think I need to set the state of the robot to the goal state after I planned the path. So I'm looking for something like robot_state::RobotState& current_state = planning_scene.getCurrentState(); but for the goal_state. Is there a function like planning_scene.getGoalState() or similar? I can't find any...
  2. Being in the goal_state, I would like to check if a point would collide with the robot (in the goal_state). I'm looking for a function where I can insert a point x,y,z and it tells me whether this point is "inside" an object or free in space.

Does anybody knows whether this approach is actually doable with moveit?

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