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How to reset stereo_image_proc?

asked 2015-05-12 00:05:26 -0500

Cerin gravatar image

I was following the stereo parameter tutorial when stereo_image_proc suddenly crashed and would not restart. When I try to restart it, I get the error:

OpenCV Error: One of arguments' values is out of range (SADWindowSize must be odd, be within 5..255 and be not larger than image width or height) in findStereoCorrespondenceBM, file /build/buildd/opencv-2.4.8+dfsg1/modules/calib3d/src/stereobm.cpp, line 805
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'cv::Exception'
  what():  /build/buildd/opencv-2.4.8+dfsg1/modules/calib3d/src/stereobm.cpp:805: error: (-211) SADWindowSize must be odd, be within 5..255 and be not larger than image width or height in function findStereoCorrespondenceBM

Clearly, I've set the SADWindowSize parameter to a bad value, but I have no idea how to unset it. The only way to change it is through rqt_reconfigure while stereo_image_proc is running, but stereo_image_proc crashes as soon as I try and run it. I've tried looking for some sort of configuration file where these values might be saved, but I can't find anything.

How do I reset stereo_image_proc to the default "safe" values?

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answered 2015-05-12 00:33:22 -0500

ahendrix gravatar image

updated 2015-05-12 00:34:08 -0500

It's likely that you have a ros parameter that is set to a bad value.

You can list all of the parameters that are set using rosparam list

You can change the value of a parameter using rosparam set /parameter value

You can also clear all of your parameters by stopping your roscore and all of your nodes, and restarting them.

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