how to make single 1dof industrial robot? [closed]

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hello sir, you might have got an idea through my question that i'm completely new to this stuff. my ultimate final goal is to make a fully working, joystick controllable 6DOF industrial grade robot. however i figured out that to do this, i should start to make it for 1dof, and then slowly increasing DOF, so that the meanwhile process will teach me myself concepts of ROS. at this point, i have basic knowledge of ubuntu(bcoz i use it rarely), good hand on arduino programming,motors-actuators and their driving circuits..... lastly, i want to make this simple 1DOF using arduino, stepper motor(lets consider it as experiment!). i want thorough simulation of my arm, details about dh-parameters through ROS. how should i proceed? can you give stepwise process to do this? advance thanks for your valuable response.....

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