Weird MoveIt! trajectories to 3-DOF Arm

asked 2015-03-07 04:16:22 -0500

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I am getting weird trajectories in MoveIt! to 3-DOF arms! Below there is a video showing the planned trajectories:

All the moveit configuration files are the default produced by MoveIt! Setup Assistant (I have only modified the controllers.yaml to include my controllers). The ROS controllers are effort_controllers/JointTrajectoryController and the MoveIt! controllers are FollowJointTrajectory. For the ROS controllers I have provided the dummy but stable enough PID values of {p: 100.0, i: 0.01, d: 10.0} for all the joints.. I also tried position_controllers/JointTrajectoryController for the ROS controllers and providing PID values to gazebo_ros_control , but the result was again weird trajectories..

Any thoughts on why this is happening?

Thanks in advance,


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You haven't explained how "weird" (or how different from what you expect) the trajectory is.

130s gravatar image 130s  ( 2015-03-11 05:39:25 -0500 )edit

The trajectory computed is way too long and not the obvious one.. Check this trajectory to see the difference:

costashatz gravatar image costashatz  ( 2015-03-11 06:27:33 -0500 )edit