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spawning urdf in gazebo_ros

asked 2015-02-26 06:18:26 -0600

End-Effector gravatar image

Does anyone know how to spawn a simple urdf box in gazebo? I want to spawn an entire robot but the gazebo tutorials on this have a bit complicated launch files and use complicatted .xacro robots. I'm on a beginner level, my simple robot is just .urdf not even using .xacro.

A box like this!

 <robot name="origins">
<link name="base_link">
            <box size ="8.8 0.4 2"/>
            <box size ="8.8 0.4 2"/>
                <inertia ixx="0.0" ixy="0.0" ixz="0.0" iyy="0.0" iyz="0.0" izz="0.0"/>
        <mass value="0.1"/>


I'm trying to use the command rosrun gazebo_ros spwan_model but it just says:

Loading model xml from file

Waiting for service /gazebo/spawn_urdf_model.

Nothing more happens...

Any ideas?

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1 Answer

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answered 2015-02-26 11:06:40 -0600

David Lu gravatar image

Did you start gazebo before running the command?

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I started gazebo & roscore.

End-Effector gravatar image End-Effector  ( 2015-02-26 11:36:18 -0600 )edit

What is the output of rosservice list?

David Lu gravatar image David Lu  ( 2015-02-26 12:19:42 -0600 )edit

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