Problem in setting new goal for the global planner.

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Hi, I want to set a new goal in the planner through the modified [navfn_ros.cpp] ( ). My intention is to bypass the goal that is being set using rviz.

In the method  **NavfnROS::getPlanFromPotential(const geometry_msgs::PoseStamped& goal, std::vector<geometry_msgs::PoseStamped>& plan)** **[Line Number 382**] (

I have added following line at line numbers (412,413 and 416) ;

map_goal[0] = -3.00001; // given by me

map_goal[1] = -.88001; // given by me


But the new goal is not treated as a goal, robot follows the goal set by rviz. (see the figure below) image description

I am using ROS fuerte. Thank you in advance.

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