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How to load RViz with a specific config file when starting RQT

asked 2015-02-05 18:17:18 -0500

Bidski gravatar image

I have written a plugin for rqt that will automate the process of starting a number of nodes.

What I am working on now is integrating RViz into this system so that I can display the outputs of the other nodes in my system (point clouds for the most part).

What I would really like to be able to do is to have some level of control over RViz from my plugin. For example, dynamically adding or removing (or at least deactivating) displays (PointCloud2 displays). Or even asking RViz to load a new config file from my own plugin.

Unfortunately, this does not seem possible.

Then, my next thought was to create a perspective in rqt that will load both my plugin and RViz side-by-side, and then getting RViz to load a specific config file.

I can see that rqt_rviz allows you to specify the config file as a command line argument. I can also see that rqt allows you to specify command line arguments that should be passed to loaded plugins but only when you use "--standalone, --command-start-plugin, or --embed-plugin", which implies that you can only do this when you only starting a single plugin.

Unfortunately, I cant find a way to specify that rqt should pass command line argument to RViz (or at least all loaded plugins) when it loads while I am loading multiple plugins (via a perspective).

Is there any way for me to achieve anything that I have described above?

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answered 2016-08-24 09:07:32 -0500

I created a pull request to solve this problem:

I hope this will be merged and solves your issue as well. If you want to import a rviz configuration into rqt you can just load it via the rviz menu bar and once you close rqt it will be saved in the rqt perspective (at least, if the merge request gets accepted).

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