call dynamic reconfigure service for a self built configuration

asked 2015-01-29 03:53:59 -0500

apalomer gravatar image


I have built a node which uses dynamic parameters and I can change them using the rqt_reconfigure without any problem. It works fine. There is one of this parameters that can also be changed depending on a topic subscriber. My idea is to call the service "/my_node/set_parameters" from within the callback function. The problem is that the configuration that I am trying to send is not a basic type but custom configuration. The class of this configuration is "my_package::sensor_config" instead of "dynamic_reconfigure::type".

I have seen in this answer how to call the service. The problem is that this is using basic parameters that are already part of the dynamic_reconfigure and the new parameteres are added using ".push_back()" on its own type. So my question is: how can I do the ".push_back" with my new configuration type?

Thank you very much.

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