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custom rqt gui

asked 2015-01-15 08:46:27 -0600

Wolf gravatar image

updated 2015-01-15 08:46:46 -0600

I like this question I cannot answer by myself:

I thought about that serveral times but I am going to ask a bit more general:

We all know as a user you can configure the appearance of rqt_gui, (which plugin widgets, positions, some state variables of the widgets etc.) yourself.

Now I as a developer your like to have a custom gui for my user, i. e. I do not want that my user has to configure the appearance initially but I as developer want to provide the initial arrangement of the rqt plugins, maybe along with some custom plugin widgets. Is this kind of predefining the arrangement of the rqt gui possible by providing an XML, python, whatever script? Ideally I would also be able to set some state variables, e. g. topic names as asked in the linked question? Could I launch this predefined arrangement using an executable (script) in my own package (rather than rosrun rqt_gui rqt_gui)?

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answered 2015-01-15 11:38:45 -0600

130s gravatar image

+1 to @gvdhoorn's answer; I just totally forgot what I answered years ago. That solution is not entirely systematic, but fairly nice and easy approach if that fits in whatever need.

I just dropped a time-taking but more robust solution to the thread you referred to. By creating a relatively simple rqt plugin on your own, you can now have a full control in detail.

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answered 2015-01-15 10:59:43 -0600

gvdhoorn gravatar image

Not a complete answer, but rqt_gui does support the concept of perspectives, see Set rqt_gui Perspectives from Command Line for instance.

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