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Move backwards, rotate and re plan a global path

asked 2015-01-12 05:16:58 -0500

acp gravatar image

updated 2015-01-12 07:25:07 -0500

Dear all.

I am using:

<param name="base_global_planner" value = "SBPLLatticePlanner"/>
 <param name="base_local_planner" value="base_local_planner/TrajectoryPlannerROS" />

I have experienced that when the robot is going to passed through a narrow doorway, it gets stuck.

I am trying to figure out how to set the following strategy when the robot gets stuck.

1.-A parameter that allows the robot to move certain meters backwards.

2.-Set the angle for the robot to rotate and make the robot rotate that angle

3.-Re plan the global path

If it can go trough the doorway, it is fine if not go to step 1

Well, probably I may need to write my own plug in, right?

Can you give me an advice on how to start it :)

I hope you can help me and in advance thank you :)

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Hello, currently im looking into the "moving backward" feature to unstuck the robot. have you found a solution or anything useful to share with regards to this topic? Thanks!

sobot gravatar imagesobot ( 2015-05-07 11:36:14 -0500 )edit

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answered 2016-03-02 02:15:43 -0500

Orhan gravatar image

Use dwa_local_planner/DWAPlannerROS plugin for local planner, and set its min_vel_x parameter to negative value. This answer is based on my question.

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