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can't find gazebo /world dir

asked 2015-01-03 20:24:21 -0500

forinkzan gravatar image

hello everyone , i follow the tutorial below , but when i type "$ env | grep GAZEBO_RESOURCE_PATH " ,there are nothing happen . i can't see anything in my terminate.

World files are found within the /worlds directory of your Gazebo resource path. The location of this path depends on how you installed Gazebo and the type of system your are on. To find the location of your Gazebo resources, use the following command:


An typical path might be something like /usr/local/share/gazebo-1.9. Add /worlds to the end of the path and you should have the directory containing the world files Gazebo uses, including the file.

if anyone know why , help me please~

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1 Answer

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answered 2015-01-03 21:33:14 -0500

130s gravatar image

This looks like a Gazebo specific question, which should better be asked on its designated forum.

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