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Qt GUI platform for mobile robot

asked 2014-12-30 04:08:23 -0600

mree gravatar image

Hi, I am now currently developing a mobile robot and I wish to create a GUI by using Qt to control my mobile robot. I would like to ask is there any sample/example of Qt based GUI that is already working to control a mobile robot that is suitable for me to refer to.

All I can find right now is just this source and the overall concept is a bit overwhelming and beyond my comprehension as I only have a short experience with both Qt and C++ .

Could anybody tell me the basic step from how to create and to use the GUI to control a mobile robot. I would very much appreciate if there is any other source that I could understand and modify.

Thanks very much

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answered 2014-12-30 12:58:51 -0600

130s gravatar image

ROS has Qt-based GUI framework and toolset called rqt. I recommend to browse through first the list of some existing tools and see if there's anything that might fit your needs, before starting your own GUI tools from scratch. For mobile robots in particular, I can think of rqt_robot_steering for operating wheels at minimum.

rqt provides set of tutorials to build your own GUI based on rqt framework.

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thanks for the reply. I am still little bit somehow confuse about the rqt plugin/tools. How can I use the them? Do I just need to start up my robot and able to use the rqt_robot_steering to control my mobile robot? Is there any step required in between?

mree gravatar image mree  ( 2014-12-31 04:24:57 -0600 )edit

Exactly; just fire up robot's ROS processes and open rqt tools. Note that rqt_robot_steering by default interacts with a specific name topic so you might have to edit it by yourself (as I recently added to its wiki).

130s gravatar image 130s  ( 2014-12-31 16:34:42 -0600 )edit

thank you. I only managed to try it recently. It works and I am able to move my robot. However, one problem is that my robot does not move accordingly to the steering. eg: I wanted to move forward but my robot is moving diagonally. Sorry for replying here as I am not sure on starting a new thread.

mree gravatar image mree  ( 2015-01-15 02:52:49 -0600 )edit

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