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ERROR: cannot launch node of type [move_base/move_base]: can't locate node [move_base] in package [move_base]

asked 2014-12-24 02:40:18 -0500

cros gravatar image

when I download the packages rbx1 and move_base in the same workplace( I do this following the book ros_by_example_hydro chapter eight ), then I want fire up a node named move_base from a launch file in the rbx1,but has an error,that's why

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2 Answers

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answered 2015-01-15 12:42:21 -0500

William gravatar image

updated 2015-01-15 12:45:14 -0500

If rosrun cannot locate the move_base node in the move_base package, then it is likely that the built version of the move_base package is not on the ROS_PACKAGE_PATH.

Make sure the move_base package is on the ROS_PACKAGE_PATH (an environment variable). If it still doesn't work, then please post your ROS_PACKAGE_PATH and your CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH.

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I have encountered same problem like this, the detail are in here, and i have tried many methods but no use, could you help me solve it?

xuao gravatar image xuao  ( 2016-04-15 02:38:47 -0500 )edit

answered 2015-03-31 02:56:50 -0500

Dio Eraclea gravatar image

I have the same problem as the topic starter. I use ROS Indigo on Ubuntu 14.04 virtual machine. I installed the navigation stack and now I try to run move_base node. Rosrun sees the move_base pack, but it seems to be no move_base node inside it. I checked ROS_PACKAGE_PATH and CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH, here is the answer:

viki@c3po:~$ echo $CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH /home/viki/catkin_ws/devel:/opt/ros/indigo viki@c3po:~$ echo $ROS_PACKAGE_PATH /home/viki/catkin_ws/src:/opt/ros/indigo/share:/opt/ros/indigo/stacks

There is no stacks folder in Indigo directory. But there is a folder called move_base in share directory. I am very new to ROS and Ubuntu, so I have no idea what can cause the problem, please help me!

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