nav2d covariance data

asked 2014-11-07 09:46:15 -0500

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My goal is to compare the change in covariance values of the landmarks for a different number a robots that exchange their scan values to build together a map. I saw that in nav2s Tutorial 4 already the scans of two robots are interchanged. Now I am seeking to get to the covariance values of the observed landmarks. Theoretically with the interchange of various robot laser scans the covariance values of the observed landmarks should converge faster to zero.

In the nav2d/karto package I have gone through the code to get a basics understanding. What I still not find is where the covariance data of the landmarks is calculated and stored. How is the Odometry data invoked and the measured data if not through an Kalman Filter? Is there a not to complicated solution to use a Kalman filter?

Thank you very much for you help

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