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asked 2014-11-06 15:24:17 -0500

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Please I need help on how to fix this error while building a package in beaglenoneblack running ROS indigo. I'm getting this error as follows: Ubuntu@arm: ~/catkin_ws $ catkin_make Base path: /home/Ubuntu/catkin_ws/src Source space: /home/Ubuntu/catkin_ws/src The specified base path "/home/Ubuntu/catkin_ws" contains a CMakeLists.txt but "catkin make" must be invoked in the root of workspace. I don't know what this means and how to proceed because I am a beginner in ROS. I appreciate any help I can get to remove this error.

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Have you followed the beginner tutorials? They are quite good and well-built, and cover catkin as well:

hiro64 gravatar image hiro64  ( 2014-11-06 17:04:53 -0500 )edit

It seems like your probably ran catkin_init_workspace in the wrong directory. You should have a symbolic link called CMakeLists.txt in ~/catkin_ws/src/ (created when you init the workspace), and you should be running catkin_make in ~/catkin_ws/

jarvisschultz gravatar image jarvisschultz  ( 2014-11-06 17:57:13 -0500 )edit