Calibration for low res depth image?

asked 2014-10-22 02:07:30 -0600

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Hello everyone,

I (or MoveIt) create an Octomap with a depth-image, which I optain from an ASUS Xtion camera. Since the resolution for the octomap doesn't have to be that high, I also want to lower the resolution for the depth image.

At first, I had both the RGB and the IR camera calibrated as explained here. Then I switched the resolution via rqt & dynamic reconfiguring for both rgb and depth. The terminal then complains

[ WARN] [1413960712.622224106]: Image resolution doesn't match calibration of the IR camera. Using default parameters.

My question is: Since I only can switch resolutions for depth and not for IR, how would I calibrate the low res IR-Image? Is it even necessary, or shouldn't theoretically the resolution for the high res image suffice? (I say theoretically, since I can make out actual differences in the octomap just by switching the resolution).

Thanks in advance,


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