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I have created a ros node that takes inputs from the keyboard, to distinguish between going forward/backward, turning left/right, and going up/down.

I can control the forward/backward easily (I just publish a twist message with the linear x component set to either a positive or negative number).

I cannot figure out how to control the other things, though. To turn the plane, I allow wing 5 (vertical stabilizer, which controls yaw) to revolve around the z axis, and I publish twist messages to that link. This "works," in that I can clearly see wing5 rotating around the z axis. Now, logically, this should affect the direction that the plane travel but I dont understand how to implement that. For example, I tried setting wing5 to rotate, and then setting the plane's linear x velocity... however, this just moves the entire model in the +x direction, instead of moving in a direction that makes sense with the way wing5 is positioned.

How do I control the plane's pitch and yaw?

I see videos on youtube by John Hsu, flying this model around, so I know it has been done. Any help would be appreciated.

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