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depth image from point cloud

asked 2014-09-14 17:37:42 -0600

Banu Muthukumar gravatar image


I have a point cloud which was obtained from Laser scanning. I need to extract depth images from this point cloud. I want to assume random camera position and set up some camera parameters and get images corresponding to these positions. I found some documentation but this isn't what I need : . There was a discussion which looked similar to mine here : but the links posted here are not valid. Can anybody help me by telling how I should get started with this and also if this is possible.


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answered 2014-09-14 21:01:17 -0600

PCL´s RangeImagePlanar class provides what you request (essentially rendering a pinhole camera model image for unorganized point cloud data from novel viewpoints). Specifically, the createFromPointCloudWithFixedSize is the correct method to use. Once you have converted your cloud to the PCL format, this should work.

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Asked: 2014-09-14 17:37:42 -0600

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