Calling Can I call my defined ROS services through a vector of function pointers? [closed]

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My code is something like this.

class Foo { public: typedef bool (Foo::*fnPtr) (int, int);

struct serv_desc{
    std::string service_name;
    std::string callback_name;
    fnPtr call_backFunction;
    ros::ServiceServer server;

std::vector <serv_desc> serv_list;

bool start_services ()


    for (std::vector<fnPtr>::iterator iter = serv_list.begin(); iter != serv_list.end(); iter++ )
        iter->server = n->advertise(iter->service_name,iter->fnPtr,this);




I need to know hot to define my fnPtr (?????,????); so that i can call setup callbacks and advertisement for various services. through a vector and kill them etc using the vector andlook them up by name etc within the program. Is there a parent type for all package_name::service_type::Request and Response types that i can use and type cast later.

Any help might end up saving me and my team 1000s of lines of code. so thanks in advance

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