Color point cloud with Kinect and external camera

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my goal is to create an (XYZ)RGB point cloud with a Kinect sensor and an external camera. The result should be similar to the last picture in this tutorial:

But as compared to this tutorial i do not want to use the package camera_pose_calibration for this task. I already got all the intrinsic and extrinsic camera parameters with another calibration tool. These parameters are stored in CameraInfo YAML files.

Now I have the following questions:

How to start up depth_registered.launch.xml of the launch file package rgbd_launch in this case? So, is this one possible way and how should the launch file look like? I know that everything is processed within the nodes of the package openni_camera then.

And how are the extrinsic parameters correctly published (with the tf publisher), to interact with the above mentioned launch files?

Thank you!

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Has no one an idea?

If there are any uncertainties with the formulation of the question, please leave a comment.

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