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asked 2014-07-17 08:30:09 -0600

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i was working through the tutorials of RosJava and RosAndroid. Unluckily the result wasn't what i expected. Since i am new to Ros and to Android i had some troubles. My Goal is to have an Android app, that is displaying a message that is published by a ros node in my PC. I was able to do the Java PubSub Tutorial, so i am able to publish a message.

Can someone provide me with the source code of an app, in which i can visualize this message? The Master Uri for the Master Chooser can be coded directly into the APP, there is no need to have it set by the user.

I would love to have such a project that i can just import into my Eclipse and run on my device.

Best Thanks in advance


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Android App Source Code

Ronniea gravatar imageRonniea ( 2018-03-03 05:49:09 -0600 )edit

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answered 2014-07-17 12:40:09 -0600

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i think you will find some useful information here. One of the tutorial apps is actually a publisher/subscriber and can be found here

I hope this gets you started.


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thanks - i allready tried to work with these. for my windows environment i downloaded is there a way to import this into my android studio or better eclipse? is there any step-by-step description what to do to import existing ros_android apps?

stefan gravatar imagestefan ( 2014-07-21 01:22:24 -0600 )edit

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