ubuntu 12.04 VM installation sever down? [closed]

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I have been trying to download the Ubuntu 12.04 Virtual Machine with Hydro Medusa pre-installed for several days now, and I get either of these errors: server isn't responding, server bandwidth exceeded.

The download link takes me to (can't post links yet so I put some spaces in the url) http:/ /no otrix.com/do wnloads/#Ro sVM , then I get the errors. Tried downloading in two completely separate locations (at least one of these is guaranteed to have no interfering proxy).

Is the server down, if so, is there a mirror somewhere? Or, is there another good place to get a clean Ubuntu 12.04 VM image that I can install on? Edit: (Found one, see comment).

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Still can't download the linked Ubuntu image. I downloaded a 12.04 image from http:/ /www.tren dsigma.net/vm ware/ubun tu1204.html# (remove spaces) and installed Fuerte on it. Seems ok.

matheusz gravatar image matheusz  ( 2014-07-01 01:42:14 -0500 )edit