Installing hydro-desktop-full: libboost unmet dependencies [closed]

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The following packages have unmet dependencies:
 ps-engine : Depends: openni-dev (>= but is to be installed.
 libboost1.49-dev : Conflicts: libboost1.46-dev but 1.46.1-7ubuntu3 is installed.
 libboost-graph-parallel-dev : Depends: libboost-graph-parallel1.49-dev which is a virtual package.
 libboost-serialization1.49-dev : Conflicts: libboost-serialization1.46-dev but 1.46.1-7ubuntu3 is installed.
 libboost-mpi-dev : Depends: libboost-mpi1.49-dev which is a virtual package.
 libboost-mpi-python-dev : Depends: libboost-mpi-python1.49-dev which is a virtual package.

I could reduce the errors to above

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Maybe try to use aptitude install ps-engine to solve these problem. You can choose the one you like.

sam gravatar imagesam ( 2014-06-29 09:24:11 -0600 )edit