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Dear all.

I have a differential mobile robot and I am successfully using SBPLLatticePlanner as a global planner in the navigation stack, with the following parameters:

allocated_time: 10
   initial_epsilon: 15.0
   lethal_obstacle: 20.0
   environment_type: XYThetaLattice
   planner_type: ARAPlanner
   forward_search: false

I am also using PoseFollower: with the following parameters:

k_trans: 2.0
 k_rot: 2.0
 tolerance_trans: 0.2
 tolerance_rot: 0.1
 tolerance_timeout: 0.5
 holonomic: false
 samples: 10
 max_vel_lin: 0.5
 min_vel_lin: 0.1
 max_vel_th: 0.15
 min_vel_th: 0.0
 min_in_place_vel_th: 0.15
 in_place_trans_vel: 0.05
 trans_stopped_velocity: 0.0001
 rot_stopped_velocity: 0.0001

I am using genmprim_unicycle.mprim to generate motion primitives.

I have experience some issues:

1.- When I set the goal behind the robot from the current position, the robot does not turn smoothly back towards the goal. It starts following the arcs produced by the planner and since it finds inflated obstacles it starts shaking left-right instead. But I can see there is enough space for the robot to turn back. I did not have this problem with base_local_planner/TrajectoryPlannerROS

2.-The robot does not follow the path close enough, and sometimes it get stuck when it gets trap in inflated obstacles even though there is enough space around the robot.

I found the package sbpl_recovery in this site that I think it could help to recover when the robot gets trap. But the package does compile under Hydro due to changes in costmap2d

The questions are:

1 .- Is there any patch  for the `sbpl_recovery` ?
2.-How can I make the robot follow the path and rotate smoothly when the goal is behind it?

In advance thank you for your help.

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