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I'm trying to get back the sound from the 4 Nao's microphones to a remote PC. I'm looking for a Node which could do that.

I tried to use the AlSoundProcessing.cpp and .h from the SDK ( https :// ). I managed to get the data but I receive a kind of package with 8192 values for each microphone at each callback: { [8192],[8192],[8192],[8192] } How can I play that on my speaker?

On the other hand, I also tried the audio_common node: http :// The only problem here I have to to launch the node on Nao otherwise it uses the microphone from my laptop. I managed to install ROS on Nao with this tutorial: http :// After installation, I can run roscore, that's fine. But how may I add new package (like audio_common) to this ROS because I can't use apt-get, I can't create ROS workspace (get some errors with CMake).

Anyone got an idea?


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hi there, I'm also trying to play the sound streamed from the NAO. Did you solve your problem and any advice?


kwseow gravatar image kwseow  ( 2017-12-29 07:31:33 -0500 )edit