real nao robot responding very slow to the topic published with ros

asked 2014-05-28 16:59:07 -0500

uzair gravatar image

I am trying to make the NAO robot in my lab speak. I published "hello world" over the topic speech. However, even though I have data being written over the topic, the robot does not speak. It takes a very long time and suddenly it starts speaking. I am publishing "hello world" with the time over a loop and the robot responds to the "hello world" that was published way before. I was able to track this down using the time stamp.

I downloaded all the binaries on my laptop and used this tutorial. ..I changed the NAO_IP to match with the ip of my robot and it connects perfecly. I can enable and disable the stiffness perfectly.

How can I make the robot respond quicker? Is there something that I am doing wrong? Thakns for all the help

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