How do I calculate a trajectory calculated by "computeCartesianPath" (MoveIt) [closed]

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I still don't really understand what is going on when I use MoveIt, so bear with me please:

I am running MoveIt with the Universal Robot UR5, and I'm starting to figure it out. I can execute pose targets, joint targets, do kinematics calculations etc. I can also show the calculated cartesian path obtained by "computeCartesianPath" in Rviz, but when I try to execute it on the actual Robot, my controller refuses to play:

[ INFO] [1399394593.787557846]: Received new trajectory execution service request... [New Thread 0xac534b40 (LWP 26093)] [ INFO] [1399394593.789904393]: Trajectory was successfully forwarded to the controller [New Thread 0xabd33b40 (LWP 26094)] [ WARN] [1399394594.000383522]: Controller handle reports status FAILED [Thread 0xac534b40 (LWP 26093) exited] [New Thread 0xab532b40 (LWP 26116)]

Question is: have I missed something, when setting up the controller? Or in my exection call? For the record, I'm using this code to execute the path:

ros::ServiceClient client = node_handle.serviceClient<moveit_msgs::ExecuteKnownTrajectory>("/execute_kinematic_path");

  moveit_msgs::ExecuteKnownTrajectory::Request request;
  moveit_msgs::ExecuteKnownTrajectory::Response response;

  request.trajectory = trajectory; 
  request.wait_for_execution = false;

BTW, I couldn't find any mention of how to execute a cartesian path in the documentation, so I might be some way off in the way I do things. This code is from a google search. Using




doesn't do it.

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Please don't cross-post questions. You've already asked that question in the right place:

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Working link is @MartinGünther yours has a wild <\p> tag attached.

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