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Building TurtleBot from source and still having gazebo&gazebo-ros-pkgs from pre-compiled binaries

asked 2014-05-01 11:34:43 -0500

Robert1 gravatar image

Hi Everyone, I installed the TurtleBot from source since I need to rebuild some source files from the turtlebot and I have gazebo&gazebo-ros-pkgs installed from the pre-compiled binaries. Is there any conflict to mix up source and binaries for gazebo&gazebo-ros-pkgs&turtlebot? Do I need to install everything from source to avoid any conflict? I just recompiled some source code from the turtlebot and I observed that there were no changes. It seems that gazebo ignores the new library file Thanks for any help with this issue

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answered 2014-05-06 21:04:04 -0500

jihoonl gravatar image

Having both version of deb and source should not conflict each other. Source version should overlay the deb version. I suggests you to make sure you have sourced the proper setup.bash where the source version is compiled.

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Hi jihoonl and thanks for your reply.I made some changes on gazebo_ros_create.cpp file (file belongs to turtlebot) and compiled with catkin_make (I sourced the proper setup.bash before compiling) and verified that the was updated. Then I ran my turtlebot simulation and nothing change (same results). Even I deleted this file (lib) from devel/lib folder and

Robert1 gravatar image Robert1  ( 2014-05-07 06:45:37 -0500 )edit

Hm that's weird. Did you try to remove deb version and only use source version?

jihoonl gravatar image jihoonl  ( 2014-05-07 15:31:03 -0500 )edit

I am using gazebo &gabezo-ros-pack deb version and just turtlebot from source. I need to do a test that is removing the deb version of gazebo&gazebo-ros-pack and reinstalling from source then recompile again and see what happens. I will let you know the results. Thanks jihoonl for your reply!

Robert1 gravatar image Robert1  ( 2014-05-08 05:08:02 -0500 )edit

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