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Recompile turtlebot from source problem

asked 2014-04-24 13:43:56 -0600

Robert1 gravatar image

Hi Everyone, I need to implement a multi-turtlebot application with Hydro ROS so that I installed the turtlebot from source using the instructions below:

mkdir ~/turtlebot cd ~/turtlebot wstool init src https/ -j8 source /opt/ros/hydro/setup.bash rosdep install --from-paths src -i -y catkin_make

I spawned two turtlebots but I have problems with the “odom” topic that doesn’t resolve correctly. I am getting just one “/odom” topic instead of two like “robot1/odom” and “robot2/odom”

Since I have this problems, incorrect resolution of each robot prefix, I made some changes on the source file gazebo_ros_create.cpp located at HOME/turtlebot/src/turtlebot_create_desktop/create_gazebo_plugins/src Then, I compiled the from ”/turtlebot” “folder” using “catkin_make” but I noticed that my changes didn’t take effect. Am I doing something wrong? Or Do I need to do something else to see the effect of my changes?

Please any help would be very much appreciated!! Thanks

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1 Answer

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answered 2014-04-29 04:52:16 -0600

Robert1 gravatar image

I fixed it.First, I run $ catkin_make clean then $ catkin_make and compiled it

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