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Whenever I import a textured model from Maya into Gazebo the texture never shows up.The only time I have been successful was when I imported the duck.dae and duck.png files provided in a tutorial on Gazebo's website.

For a submarine place holder model I applied the yellow and black Batman symbol as the texture. In Gazebo it just rendered yellow. I also created a rocky terrain with the appropriate UV textures in Maya and applied a bump map and colored it red using the shaders in Maya. In Gazebo the rocky terrain rendered grey. I used the lambert, blinn and phong shaders and they all have the same result when I load the model into Gazebo.

Even when I apply a simple brown blinn shader with a bump map attached to the model it appears grey (in Gazebo) without the bump map.

Would greatly appreciate it if someone can help me with this issue. Thanks.

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