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So i've asked my question on the user's group but I thought I'd try here as well. When I try to run the Rviz plugin for MoveIt! I get this error while adding Motion Planning:

MotionPlanning The class required for this display, 'moveit_rviz_plugin/MotionPlanning', could not be loaded.

Error: Failed to load library /opt/ros/hydro/lib/ Make sure that you are calling the PLUGINLIB_EXPORT_CLASS macro in the library code, and that names are consistent between this macro and your XML.

Error string: Could not load library (Poco exception = cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)

The issue with this is that I believe is associated with Groovy while is associated with Hydro. I'm unsure why it's calling the wrong. There's someone who had a similar problem, although unrelated to Moveit, here:

I'd rather not do a re-install so I figured I would check here first.

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