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turtle_teleop_key node doesn't work properly

asked 2014-02-24 11:58:43 -0500

Robert1 gravatar image

Hi guys, I am new on ROS. I have been doing the ROS tutorials and I got stuck on the tutorial : ROS/Tutorials/UnderstandingTopics. After I run the node turtle_teleop_key, I am supposed to be able to move the turtle using the arrow keys but nothing happen when I hit the arrow keys. I am using the Hydro distro and I noticed that I got a short message after running the node like:

Reading from keyboard

Use arrow keys to move the turtle.

But on the tutorial the message is like this :

[ INFO] 1254264546.878445000: Started node [/teleop_turtle], pid [5528], bound on [aqy], xmlrpc port [43918], tcpros port [55936], logging to [~/ros/ros/log/teleop_turtle_5528.log], using [real] time

Reading from keyboard

Use arrow keys to move the turtle.

Also, I selected the terminal window of turtle_teleop_key before pressing the arrow keys but nothing change Please any input about this issue. Thanks a lot in advance

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answered 2014-02-24 13:38:27 -0500

Robert1 gravatar image

Hi Guys, I found my mistake. The error was that I forgot to set up ROS_HOSTNAME before running the node. The turtle is running now. Thanks.

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