Using care-o-bot in simulation on electric, installed from .debs [closed]

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When trying to use the care-o-bot in simulation I came across some problems. The tutorials seem to be outdated, as neither the 'cob_bringup' package nor the 'cob_bringup_sim' package from the 'cob_robots' and 'cob_simulation' stacks are there when installed from .debs. These are referred to in the tutorials on bringing up the robot in simulation, however (for example here: The launch files for 'cob_dashboard' and 'cob_teleop' referred to in the tutorial are also not available (anymore?).

I'm using Natty 64bit with ros electric and installed from .debs as described in the ROS and care-o-bot installation guides.

I managed to start a care-o-bot in simulation like so:

Start gazebo in one terminal:

roslaunch gazebo_worlds empty_world.launch

Set environment and spawn care-o-bot in another terminal:

export ROBOT=cob3-1 
export ROBOT_ENV=ipa-kitchen
roslaunch cob_gazebo robot.launch

This succesfully spawns the robot in simulation and I can for example visualize point cloud data. However, manually running '' from 'cob_dashboard' seems to hang on startup and 'cob_teleop_keyboard' successfully publishes on 'cmd_vel', but the robot does not appear to use this topic.

Any help is appreciated.

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