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hinge2 type joints in URDF

asked 2011-12-09 14:47:50 -0600

WW gravatar image

I've gotten familiar with the standalone gazebo project using .model and .world files to describe robots. Currently trying to figure out ROS and URDFs. It looks like the available joint types in URDF are limited to 1 axis rotations. Is there any way to implement a hinge2 type of joint (such as a steerable wheel) in URDF? It looks like the only way is to use two separate joints to do such a function. Am I missing something? Thanks.

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1 Answer

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answered 2011-12-14 09:23:02 -0600

Wim gravatar image

The best (and only) way to describe more complex joints is to chain together multiple single degree-of-freedom joints with fixed links.

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Asked: 2011-12-09 14:47:50 -0600

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