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Sift-Tree-File for the Vocabulary-tree

asked 2011-11-29 02:15:23 -0500

NikolasEngelhard gravatar image


I'd like to know if someone has generated a tree-file for the vocab_tree-stack for other descriptors than only calonder. I would like to use it for loop-closing in the RGBD-Slam. The stack only provides one for calonder-desctiptors, but I'm not really happy with their perfomance, so I'm looking for a way to compare the perfomance of the tree with different descriptors.


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2 Answers

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answered 2011-12-11 23:17:56 -0500

dejanpan gravatar image

Nikolas, in the

file we have done so for the SIFT feature. Look into the following function:

void ODUFinder::build_database(std::string directory).


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answered 2011-12-11 23:29:31 -0500

NikolasEngelhard gravatar image

Hello Dejan

I already used this function to create a sift-tree. I'm just not sure which (and how many) images and parameters should be used. I'm mainly working on a different approach, so I currently don't want to spend too much time with experiments on the tree generation. Therefore I hoped that someone could give me some tested tree-files. If I just generate a tree and it doesn't perform too well, I can't be sure if the approach just doesn't work for this problem, or if I just build a bad tree.

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