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rosmake pr2_teleop fails

asked 2011-11-28 11:00:28 -0500

updated 2011-11-28 11:01:59 -0500

As outlined in:

It fails to make pr2_teleop:

cole@z:~$ rosmake pr2_teleop
[ rosmake ] Packages requested are: ['pr2_teleop']                              
[ rosmake ] Logging to directory/home/cole/.ros/rosmake/rosmake_output-20111129-103822
[ rosmake ] Expanded args ['pr2_teleop'] to:
[ rosmake ] WARNING: The following args could not be parsed as stacks or packages ['pr2_teleop']
[ rosmake ] ERROR: No arguments could be parsed into valid package or stack names.

Any ideas?

I'm using ros-electric in Ubuntu 11.10

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2 Answers

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answered 2011-11-28 11:49:07 -0500

karthik gravatar image

updated 2011-12-02 15:16:56 -0500

Hi, I don't think pr2_teleop package comes along with the electric full version. You have to checkout the package that is under mercurial version control

hg clone <new_folder_name>

And then try compiling it with

rosmake pr2_teleop

Hope this helps, Karthik

Updated: Ya there is this documentation on setting up the ros_workspace and environment in link text

You can download package in the ros_workspace and ros automatically detects the packages. Once you setup this and paste your package then you will not get that error.

And you can always update your question here than giving a new answer.

Hope this helps, Karthik

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answered 2011-12-01 15:57:02 -0500

Where do I put pr2_apps? And do I need to setup some environment variables, as "rosmake pr2_teleop" returns the same error message as above.

Also, any idea if your suggestion is documented anywhere? I'm new to ROS, but its the first time I've heard about this mercurial version control for ROS. I thought it only used SVN? The documentation for using pr2_teleop is clearly out-of-date, is this normal? or do you know if the PR2 documentation is on schedule for an update?

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