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New errors in camera_pose_calibration

asked 2014-01-13 09:38:21 -0500

Athoesen gravatar image

updated 2016-10-24 08:35:38 -0500

ngrennan gravatar image

My old question:

A possible solution from an older one:

I cloned this repo and put in in a folder ahead of the others in my ROS_PACKAGE_PATH. The original camera_pose is there but I think it's been superceded.

Now I'm getting new errors:

[ERROR] [1389648551.704498369]: Failed to load nodelet [/aggregated_image_viewer] of type [image_view/image]: Unable to load plugin for transport 'raw', error string:
MultiLibraryClassLoader: Could not create object of class type image_transport::RawSubscriber as no factory exists for it. Make sure that the library exists and was explicitly loaded through MultiLibraryClassLoader::loadLibrary()

[capture_exec-19] process has died [pid 20981, exit code 1, cmd /home/robot2/Desktop/Testspace/camera_pose/camera_pose_calibration/src/camera_pose_calibration/ kinect_1 kinect_2 kinect_3 request_interval:=interval_filtered __name:=capture_exec __log:=/home/robot2/.ros/log/77d43c0e-7c99-11e3-9411-b8ca3a789964/capture_exec-19.log].
log file: /home/robot2/.ros/log/77d43c0e-7c99-11e3-9411-b8ca3a789964/capture_exec-19*.log

[cal_optimizer-20] process has died [pid 21005, exit code 1, cmd /home/robot2/Desktop/Testspace/camera_pose/camera_pose_calibration/src/camera_pose_calibration/ __name:=cal_optimizer __log:=/home/robot2/.ros/log/77d43c0e-7c99-11e3-9411-b8ca3a789964/cal_optimizer-20.log].
log file: /home/robot2/.ros/log/77d43c0e-7c99-11e3-9411-b8ca3a789964/cal_optimizer-20*.log

[capture_monitor-21] process has died [pid 21008, exit code 1, cmd /home/robot2/Desktop/Testspace/camera_pose/camera_pose_calibration/src/camera_pose_calibration/ kinect_1 kinect_2 kinect_3 __name:=capture_monitor __log:=/home/robot2/.ros/log/77d43c0e-7c99-11e3-9411-b8ca3a789964/capture_monitor-21.log].
log file: /home/robot2/.ros/log/77d43c0e-7c99-11e3-9411-b8ca3a789964/capture_monitor-21*.log

[aggregated_image_viewer-22] process has died [pid 21034, exit code -6, cmd /opt/ros/hydro/lib/image_view/image_view image:=aggregated_image __name:=aggregated_image_viewer __log:=/home/robot2/.ros/log/77d43c0e-7c99-11e3-9411-b8ca3a789964/aggregated_image_viewer-22.log].
log file: /home/robot2/.ros/log/77d43c0e-7c99-11e3-9411-b8ca3a789964/aggregated_image_viewer-22*.log

These are the current errors I'm getting. If anyone has ideas, I'd love to hear them? Or alternatives to multiple Kinect extrinsic calibration in Hydro?

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Do you have the image transport plugins installed ("sudo apt-get install ros-hydro-image-transport-plugins")? Answer is probably yes, just want to make sure.

Stefan Kohlbrecher gravatar image Stefan Kohlbrecher  ( 2014-01-13 09:44:08 -0500 )edit

Yes, I just ran it and everything was already the latest version. If you know of any other packages for multiple Kinects, I'm very willing to try them.

Athoesen gravatar image Athoesen  ( 2014-01-13 11:33:33 -0500 )edit

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answered 2014-01-20 12:57:15 -0500

Athoesen gravatar image

updated 2014-01-20 13:15:44 -0500

Funny enough, I think you actually have answered my question in another one from a year ago: I'm betting it's having Fuerte on my package path. Let me know if you think this is it, although I only added share/stacks.

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