is ros-mavlink-pkg supported under electric? [closed]

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I've been unable to build the dependencies for the ros-mavlink-pkg stack

I'm running electric under Ubuntu 10.04

I believe the steps are:

  1. download mavlink from git (git clone
  2. download & install lcm (svn checkout lcm)
  3. download & install mavconn (git clone git:// [instructions here:]
  4. rosmake from withing ros-mavlink-pkg stack

I get as far as step 3, then mavconn fails to build with the following:

In file included from /ros/mavconn/src/core/watchdog/
/ros/mavconn/src/core/watchdog/WatchdogControl.h:38:39: error: opencv2/highgui/highgui.hpp: No such file or directory
In file included from /ros/mavconn/src/core/watchdog/
/ros/mavconn/src/core/watchdog/WatchdogControl.h:156: error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of ‘IplImage’ with no type
/ros/mavconn/src/core/watchdog/WatchdogControl.h:156: error: expected ‘;’ before ‘*’ token

I have libopencv2.3-dev installed, not sure if it's expecting something else...

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