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Send data from one laptop(code blocks) to another laptop(ros packages)?

asked 2011-10-11 15:05:31 -0500

cheyanne gravatar image

updated 2014-01-28 17:10:33 -0500

ngrennan gravatar image

Hi im doing a project whereby my robot will be controlled remotely. But I met a obstacle. I have a Qt design over at my client side, with buttons that are supposed to control the robot, but how do I send it over to the server side which is running ros packages?

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answered 2011-10-12 00:45:57 -0500

dornhege gravatar image

The ROS solution would be to make your Qt GUI a ROS package and send messages to the client side. I would recommend to do it that way. It is fairly easy if you know Qt already.

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So u mean I have my qt as ros package and also code blocks on client side, then how do I send it to the server side?
cheyanne gravatar image cheyanne  ( 2011-10-12 12:58:21 -0500 )edit
Your Qt GUI is built with code blocks, right? You would create a ROS package with code blocks like here and make it a Qt GUI. Other than creating the package for code blocks everything is standard ROS.
dornhege gravatar image dornhege  ( 2011-10-13 03:54:39 -0500 )edit

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