How to recover extrinsic parameters for unrectified images from stereo camera [closed]

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I have a calibrated stereo camera in my setup. Normally I use rectified images. For a specific application I want to now use unrectified images.

I am able to get the intrinsic parameters from the camera_info topic. I can get the extrinsic parameters (basically the camera pose) for the left camera from tf but because of the normal use the right camera's tf is giving me the center of the left camera (I can't change that, see also related question at the bottom). I think it should be possible to recover the extrinsic parameters of the right camera (relative to the left camera) from the right camera_info message but I could not find out how. Is there a way to do this or is this information lost?

A mathematical relationship between the original projection matrix and the new projection matrix (and potentially other parameters in the camera_info message) would help me here.

This question is related to this other question but not the same.

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