Making ps3 Joystick rumble when bumping

asked 2013-12-11 06:19:52 -0500

Aonghasan gravatar image

I've been searching for help for a while and i cant seem to find the asnwers to this. I'm pretty new to the Turtlebot, and I can already move it remotely with a PS3 joystick via Bluetooth... Now I'd like to make the turtlebot send feedback to the joystick when it bumps something (with the bumper sensor), I found where the bumper sensor makes the robot stop (\is-the-turtlebot-bumper-sensor-being-used-by-the-naviation-stack/) I was wondering where I could edit that, or add functionality in another file for sending feedback to the joystick... Also, I can't make the controller rumble on its own following this guide: /2011-07-05%20ps3joy_msg_Proposal_API_Review_API_Review

Thanks (I cant post links as yet, so I only provided partial ones)

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