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glut and nvidia-cg dependency problem when Installing rviz on mac osx

asked 2011-07-18 03:27:59 -0500

1el gravatar image

updated 2011-07-18 04:07:38 -0500

I am trying to install rviz on mac osx 10.6 and get the following messages

Failed to find rosdep glut for package rviz on OS:macports version:macports Failed to find rosdep nvidia-cg for package rviz on OS:macports version:macports ERROR: ABORTING: Rosdeps [u'glut', u'nvidia-cg'] could not be resolved

Any ideas on what to do next?

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Please try and make sure your headlines are descriptive. (I fixed this one for you)
Asomerville gravatar image Asomerville  ( 2011-07-18 04:08:18 -0500 )edit

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answered 2011-07-18 03:46:19 -0500

makokal gravatar image

updated 2011-07-18 10:14:58 -0500

hsu gravatar image

This has been a great problem. However, there is a successful workaround that is very well documented in this wiki including some troubleshooting tips.

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