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How should I define the camera frames in my robot's URDF?

asked 2013-11-29 04:34:12 -0500

sofiad gravatar image

Hi, I have a URDF model for my robot and two cameras mounted on the robot's head (a Bumblebee and an Asus Xtion). My question is, how do I define the camera link frames and the frames for each of the cameras? Do I estimate the location of each, e.g. in solidworks?

Any help would be really appreciated!


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answered 2015-04-09 03:42:58 -0500

romay gravatar image

Yes, you have to estimate the location and orientation of your camera with respect to the parent link that the camera is attached to.

In this tutorial, you can see a robot example and how the cameras are defined and also how the "origin" of each camera is implemented in this XACRO file.

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