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Moveit rviz plugin pr2 demo not working

asked 2013-11-27 01:40:32 -0600

Tirjen gravatar image

updated 2014-11-22 17:05:36 -0600

ngrennan gravatar image

Hello everybody!

I'm trying to use moveit on ros hydro, I'm on Ubuntu 12.04 32 bit. I installed it using the commands:

sudo apt-get install ros-hydro-moveit-full

sudo apt-get install ros-hydro-moveit-full-pr2

when launching roslaunch pr2_moveit_config demo.launch rviz starts well and it seems all ok, but then the MotionPlanning loads something like another pr2 perpendicular to the first and not completely mounted

image description

following the tutorial I changed some parameters like the Planning Scene Topic and finally the second pr2 disappears. But when I move around the start position and the goal position (making sure they are not in collision) and I click the 'plan' button nothing happen. If I try 'plan and execute' the second pr2 appears again and it seems like something is moving, but with the robot disassembled it's difficult to tell it!

Can someone help me? Thanks!!

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1 Answer

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answered 2013-11-27 01:57:45 -0600

Pi Robot gravatar image

This sounds like the same problem a number of others (including myself) are having with 32-bit Ubuntu installations of MoveIt. You might want to add yourself to the list at The only way I was able to move forward was to install 64-bit Ubuntu 12.04 on another machine.


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Thank you very much for your fast answer! Hope they will fix this problem in the future... For now I will try to install it on another machine with 64-bit Ubuntu 12.04 (on which, luckily, I already have installed ros hydro). Do you suggest me to install moveit from debs or from source?

Tirjen gravatar image Tirjen  ( 2013-11-27 02:05:50 -0600 )edit

I would start with debs--they seem to be working for me so far.

Pi Robot gravatar image Pi Robot  ( 2013-11-27 02:06:56 -0600 )edit

Ok, thank you!

Tirjen gravatar image Tirjen  ( 2013-11-27 02:10:06 -0600 )edit

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