Problem with ASUS Xtion Pro and openni.launch [closed]

asked 2013-11-26 21:00:45 -0600

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I tested successfully with Niviewer in OpenNI version 1.5.7 and NITE, but when I test in openni.lauch I see these problem: [camera/depth/points-10] process has died [pid 12126, exit code 255, cmd /opt/ros/groovy/lib/nodelet/nodelet load depth_image_proc/point_cloud_xyz /camera_nodelet_manager --no-bond image_rect:=image_rect_raw __name:=points __log:=/home/turtlebot/.ros/log/134c8d7c-5714-11e3-8e6d-70f1a10ec189/camera-depth-points-10.log]. log file: /home/turtlebot/.ros/log/134c8d7c-5714-11e3-8e6d-70f1a10ec189/camera-depth-points-10*.log I used USB Installion for Turtlebot

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